Monday, October 20, 2014

a bit of traveling time

After fall break, I went to work one day then headed out the door again, this time to a conference. In Austin. It took a lot for me to go there and I left sick but I did it. And yes, I got sick. I have traveled internationally and was fine, but I go to Texas and get sick. Shannon reminded me that the Boz said something about that burnt orange. I just don't have that kind of immunity! Just kidding . . . sort of.

The conference was No Need Among You and was hosted by Texas Community Christian Development Network and Mission Waco. My job involves working with a group that is from Texas, and they invited me to attend since the seminars fit my job well.

A shot of the river by my hotel, great for walking (or running if I had brought shoes for that):

I took my camera but mostly took photos with my phone because it is a bit awkward to take pics in church with a full sized camera while you're supposed to be paying attention. By the end of the first day I figured out the phone was less obtrusive:

Brandon Hatmaker, evening speaker

Jesus Said Love, leading worship
It was an all inclusive conference, so they fed us all our meals. This saved us time and money--but I did find a little time to sample some other food.

I learned tons and will be working all year (if not longer) to apply some of it to my own work in Norman.

As the only person there from Oklahoma, I was the brunt of a few jokes the first morning but it actually helped me--I had an instant icebreaker. It was a friendly loving serving group of people, and I loved learning from them. I may even drag a few of them up the interstate to share what they know up here.

I made it home in time to be a marriage witness for a longtime friend, another chance to share in life and community with the people God brings to my life:

 Excited now to be home for awhile, for a little down time before the holidays. I've got quilts to make!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall break

Our fall break this year began with a cross country meet in Shawnee. . .

In this meet, all of the junior high boys raced together, then high school. He was the fourth finisher for his school this time. He looks surrounded by 8th graders in this picture. I think three of the first four finishers for Norman were 6th graders.

The next day we headed to Osage Hills State Park for some weekend camping--in the rain. It wasn't as much rain as projected but we did get to finish a hike in a downpour.
This is a lousy picture but the kids had great fun sliding around in their sleeping bag on the slanted floor of our tent.

 Grace made this little fairyland assembly thing.

And then posed on this awesome tree with our camp area in the background. She LOVED that we had a forest for a backyard.

On Saturday we drove nearby to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.  As an added bonus, it was much warmer in the car AND we got perfect radio reception of the OU Texas game. And saw a lot of these guys--

 sad little donkey

The rest of our time was spent eating or hiking around looking for deer and waterfalls and whatever else we could find.

one of the babies

and the mama. We saw them a lot.
It was a pretty area and quite peaceful. I'm not sure if it gets crowded in the summer, but it was perfect while we were there. That may have something to do with the temperature and the football game too. We had our pick of camp sites and the kids had lots of room to roam and run around, another huge plus. It was a fun, mostly restful weekend with the family in my favorite spot--outside.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

a king for the queen of hearts

I finished up the king size t-shirt quilt this week. However I also started having a LOT of problems with my computer and wasn't sure if and when I would be able to post. It has been fixed for now (thanks to my husband) but will need an upgrade at some point if I want to see my pictures and files that we shifted to a different computer again. I had to think some about how to do the pics for this post but finally got these:

This is her second t-shirt quilt--she had a LOT of them. Now they are gonna help keep her warm this winter.

With the first one, I made columns of the t-shirts and then sewed those together. This one was built in rows instead, alternating dark and light ones. I found some wide quilting fabric for the backing at JoAnn, and even used it for the binding by following this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.

Over the summer I heard an artist talking about her work, and how she had felt constrained by her  workspace. Someone told her "work smaller." Having made a king size quilt now, and feeling increasingly constrained by my workspace, my motto is now "work smaller"---except for maybe very special occasions for very special people.

And now I'm off to enjoy fall break with my family.

Monday, October 6, 2014

a dozen

My son turned 12 this weekend. In honor of that--twelve photos from the weekend (and a couple from last).

 The past two weekends we split games with the kids, one away and one at home. This is in Ada. You can see the lovely foam wrap he gets to use to cover his cast.

A stop on the way home. I really enjoyed the drive across the countryside of Oklahoma.

The meet last Thursday. I didn't even notice his soccer buddy was running with him (actually passing him) when I took the picture.

 One of his favorite pasttimes.

 Presents from his grandparents.

Birthday dinner at Chuys with the Atkins

 Grace's game this weekend (I avoided a drive to Stillwater)

 Helping a teammate

 A little sideline rock paper scissors

 Birthday cookie made by grandma H

Birthday cake for his party with friends (made by me)

And that was the weekend (mostly) in twelve pics. Happy 12th Isaac!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

for a baby-- the last one of September

Once upon a time, maybe even last year, I cut up some squares of leftover fabric. I even started putting them in rows. And then I stuck it in a box. A few months ago I decided it was time to empty some of the boxes and laid out the rows again. And stuck it in a different box.

I found out a friend was having a baby though and THAT pushed me on to finish the thing.

It's a simple patchwork, with happy bright colors and a few browns thrown in to even it up a bit.

I quilted 1/4" along the row seams. I was going to quilt that way both directions, but after I saw how crazy the lines would be vertically, I stuck with the horizontal quilting only.

The backing is striped flannel and I added even more stripes with the Fruit Stripe gum looking fabric on the binding.

Finally a finish, and finally this quilt is finished. I've also finished 4 rows (out of 6) for a king size t-shirt quilt that is really just too big for my sewing space. It will be done soon so it can go to it's home where king-sized beds fit. And I've finished the coral set of blocks for the twin size version of this quilt.
It's taken me a few weeks but that's what happens when I try to work on three at a time (and have a job and children and try to sleep)!