Friday, April 14, 2017

two more

I had set a goal to finish up the last two of the baby quilts to donate by this weekend, so I could deliver them to my parents' house over the weekend. Thursday morning I was doubting I was going to be able to do that. And then a track meet got cancelled. I ventured to my church to be there for a Maunday Thursday event we were hosting, and then walked away from that. I had free time again, and enough rumbling around in my head that I needed to sew.

These were made with 2 1/2" strips using the Fat Quarter Shop Jelly Roll Jam free pattern. I had extra strips and used those to make the scrappy binding.

One is backed with a navy and white gingham, and the other with this floral print, I think for DS Quilts fabric from JoAnn a few years ago.

Two more done and ready to take on the road. Now I just need to remember to put them in the car!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

three little quilts

When I visited with my mom a couple of weeks ago on our day trip with a group from my church, I learned that her church was going to be hosting a baby boot camp class for some expectant mothers in their town. That sounded like a great incentive for me to work through some scraps and pass on a few baby quilts. I had two already completed to share, but started in on another batch. I finished all three of those yesterday on my self imposed hibernation day.

First up is a churn dash quilt designed around the colors of a piece of Curious George fabric I've had since my son was little. Since he is 14 now, I think it is about time to use it up!

I chose this pattern because it would make the best use of the scraps I wanted to use, plus sometimes I have seen it called "monkey wrench" and that seemed appropriate for the backing.

Next was a simple patchwork made for off cuts from other flannel backings. I used a lightweight pale yellow fabric for the back so it could be used year round without getting too hot.

Last up is a sixteen patch, again made from a lot of scrappy colors. I tried to get a mix that would work for boy or girl babies, but it still looks a bit like "girl baby" to me now that it's done. It is backed with flannel.

I have plans to make two more, using a jelly roll pattern I've used before that makes two quilts at once, or maybe a revised version that is similar. And both of these will be more gender neutral--at least that's my plan.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Spring means lots of outdoor activities in our household. On Thursday, I switched around my work schedule so I could head to Isaac's track meet.

Friday I spent another morning at a track, this time for my daughter's school fundraiser called Laps for Linc.

Saturday? a soccer game
AND a Medieval Fair (with a petting zoo)

We spent about an hour afterwards just walking around and people watching. And then we racewalked home to avoid incoming rain.

We had planned to spend Sunday afternoon back at the soccer field but instead got to stay inside out of the rain. Shannon was able to work a bit outside that evening doing some garden prep so we can plant tomatoes soon. Our lettuce, kale and spinach is really starting to perk up, even just a couple of days later, after the great watering it got. Looking forward to more time outside with a few more track meets, a lot of soccer, and a lot of garden to get in the ground!

Monday, March 27, 2017


Warmer weather, daffodils and tulips, sprouting leaves, soccer and track. It must be spring. The weekend was jam packed. I was able to go on a trip with my mom and about 50 other ladies from church on Friday to check out Pawhuska's newest tourist attraction, the Mercantile. It was a three hour bus ride to get there, so it stretched into quite a long day. We had great weather and the crowds weren't too crazy--although I'm sure others watching our tour bus pull up may have disagreed!

Saturday was another early start, with one child and a parent heading out into the blustery cold morning for some soccer, while I dropped off the other one at a track meet and headed to a church event we were hosting. We met back together mid afternoon for another soccer game (it was still cold). No pictures that day.

Sunday was more soccer (after church and a quick lunch). They have so many players!

My daughter loves this soccer field in Oklahoma City. It has a concession stand, playground, AND a lake.

After the game I stayed in the area to attend a panel discussion about Creation Care and the Environment:Science and Theology in Conversation with Fr. Richard Rohr, Rabbi Vared Harris, and Dr. David Hoekman. It was a refreshing, thought-provoking end to the weekend. And since it was at a Nazarene church near my last school, I even got to have a brief visit with a former professor.

I then spent most of today catching up on a lot of household chores that didn't happen over the weekend, and even briefly sat on the couch! Looking forward to my next day off on Wednesday to maybe plow through the mess in my sewing room and tackle a few projects I have in mind, especially if it rains as forecasted. So thankful for sunnier days, fun times with family and friends, and a flexible work schedule to help me a bit saner in the midst of it all.

Monday, March 20, 2017

spring break and another quilt

Last week was spring break and so I got to spend some extra time with my kids. The beginning of the week was cool and overcast so I went to the office then, allowing us more free time on the sunny days. Our first priority was painting my son's room (on one of the cloudy days). New colors mean a new quilt, and since he is a bit more particular about his room now, it is a bit on the back burner as I work on ideas with him.

A friend requested a quilt for her bed, one similar to a throw sized one I made for her a couple of years ago. She wanted the color blocks larger. I didn't have any of those fabrics anymore so I just tried to stick with the same color scheme. Looking back at the original--well, I like that color mix better. It was a tighter composition of the colors. The smaller size of the blocks probably helped in that too. This version was a great stash and scrap buster though, as I tried to size the blocks so that I could get two per fat quarter.

I used flannel as the backing, hoping to give it some weight. The thin batting I use should keep it from getting too hot.

We ended the week at the zoo, again along with most of the people in the metro area it seemed. We ventured over to the other side of the zoo and found some of the more bizarre animals.

along with our usual mix of cuties

Glad for a slow week to rest some, tackle a few spring cleaning home projects, finish another quilt, and gear up for the weeks ahead as soccer and track and every other spring thing hit us full force now.

Friday, March 10, 2017

a bitty doll quilt for March

I'm started to get a bit more inspired to finish (or start) some projects. Warmer weather always helps me get more motivated for projects, any kind. And spring break is here!

I started on a little owl for my daughter but have had to stop until I get some white felt for the face.

I finished up the little doll quilt. So glad to have that project I was dreading simplified and finished.
I had some flannel for the back and added some scrappy binding to finish it off.

Since I didn't have the felt to finish the owl, I've been thinking through my next quilt (a modified log cabin) and started cutting some of the fabrics. I originally wanted to make one based off of a design in my little notebook but still thinking through how to make it without too much waste or an overly tedious piecing.
I think I know what to do and will do a test soon, probably on one of the upcoming rainy days. Hope my math is right!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Birthday Blue- a March quilt

This birthday quilt took shape quite quickly. I had made a pile of blue fabrics a month or so ago. When I found out that it was the favorite color of one of my friends, one with a birthday coming soon, I knew it was her stack of fabric. And at about the same time Jenny Baker posted a tutorial for her Heart Crossed throw quilt. It would be perfect for the blue fabric and for the recipient, and was a fairly simple pattern, one that could be finished on time.

I really love how it looks, with a great mix of cheerful blues and lighter crosses scattered through out. I used a blue and white striped backing I had and more of the stripy fabric from the front as the binding.
It is throw sized, just big enough for a lap quilt. I thought about adding a bit more but didn't have enough variety left in the fabrics to make it work without looking like something just added on at the end.

I finished that up last night. Today I decided to pull out a bin of a project I had started that I DID NOT like. I gave myself permission to just finish up what was cut and make it into a pillow or little quilt or whatever I could with what I had.

The half square rectangle blocks proved that I do not like to follow directions. And even when I did follow directions, the diamonds were just not coming out that great. So now it is a baby quilt top,
and will be finished up soon to giveaway. It will be pretty and colorful--and a bit of a mess with lots of chopped off points. But it will be done.