Monday, September 22, 2014

more soccer

First up, Grace's first game of the season.
What I noticed most in this first picture is all those smiles.

And then Isaac. His team was in a tournament and made it to the finals--which means four games.
 Glad he got a haircut Saturday morning. It was HOT.

She had a lot of fun playing with the younger siblings during the games.

They finished 2nd in a competitive 11v11 tourney. They usually play 8v8 and played awesome.
thanks for the pic Trina!

And see how Isaac is holding his arm? It got hurt on the first goal that last game, in the last four minutes. Then he had to come out (which he HATED) and the other team scored two more goals. I was told it was a hard fought game!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

always in motion the Isaac is

Isaac had his first cross country meet last weekend, as well as his first soccer games of the season. He has a tournament coming up this weekend, so I decided I'd better post these pics before I get overrun with pictures of Isaac standing in a field somewhere.

yes, he gets to wear orange

awesome hair action

He ran with the 8th grade group and finished mid pack somewhere. And yes, it was cold.

This soccer game was in Elk City on Saturday. We got home in time to park a few cars then watch the OU game.

 They had bleachers for us to use at this field, and we sat right behind the team. But we all decided to disappear at halftime so coach could give them a good half time "discussion."

The game on Sunday was rainy so I didn't bother with the camera. Just imagine the same sort of field, and a team wearing red. They did win both games--an added bonus especially on that game with the 4 hour round trip drive!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Earlier this week, I got to go on my first staff retreat. I was a little dubious about it since it seemed like it would be a 2 1/2 day long staff meeting but it turned out ok. And best of all it was pretty there!

Joey-- after yelling at me to come take his picture

Crystal practicing her marker artistry

Kirk and Clint deep in thought--maybe
I get to work with a great group of people and am truly blessed!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

that other September quilt

I finished it sometime this week. It must have been Sunday because I wasn't actually home Monday through most of Wednesday. Some day when the sun was super bright (maybe before I left Monday) I took some pictures.

 This pattern really kinda freaks my eyes out looking at this picture.

For the back I chose my favorite polka dot and some of the leftover squares (since I didn't make the quilt the original size).

The sun is BRIGHT in the morning.

I wouldn't say it is a quilt fail--that would be a bit extreme. But it isn't one of my favorites, and that is ok. I tend to keep my favorites and I don't need to keep every quilt!

Friday, September 5, 2014

September quilt 1 and almost quilt #2

A text from someone wanting the quilt I had posted last time was a HUGE incentive to finish it up. So I did!

I quilted along the rows and then tied in the center of each block. Simple.

I used a vintage sheet for the back, a sheet covered in green grass and butterflies and a perfect match for the quilt top.

This next quilt is an almost finish.
The pattern is called "Can't Help Myself" and is from the book Quilting Happiness.
The pattern has one more row of blocks but I just had to stop. My son picked this pattern a few months ago, and wanted blues and reds. I found those. Then as I started working out what fabric is used where, I needed one more. I chose that yellow--and that was the first mistake.

I finished a block and asked him to come look at it. It was several months later, but I could tell from his reaction that 1)he didn't like it or 2)he couldn't figure out how that would look. As I made a couple more, I found out it was the first choice. I also had HUGE problems because the instructions used alternate methods of making the blocks but I didn't catch that when I started. I ripped a lot of seams. Even once I got past that, I had to rip seams on nearly every block because I put something out of order. And all those points that are supposed to match up--uggh. Just to clarify--the author did a great job writing the pattern instructions, I just didn't pay close enough attention

So this is quilt is going to be a square baby sized quilt rather than torturing myself trying to piece on one more row, especially since it is not what my son wanted. Hopefully finishing it up will be a smoother process!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

catching up

I haven't posted much lately, mostly because, well I didn't know what to say. But here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

My kids at a birthday pool party--one too cold for me to have them wear their swim suits.

First day of school. I don't really do this thing. I see them on facebook and what not, but it is not for me. Maybe because I had a boy first, who went to daycare before he went to school, and got to share his first week of school with the birth of a new baby sister. While taking my daughter to preschool or pre-K or something, one of my co-workers took her picture. I still just don't really do this thing. I guess I am sentimental about other stuff.
I did take these.

I forgot to take his so this is his "I survived the first day of middle school picture." Maybe this is why I don't do these pictures too.

My grandpa passed away a couple of weeks ago, at the age of 97. 
He always gave us grandkids quarters when we would leave, slipping them in our hand as we left. My grandmother would divvy out a big bag of them at Christmas for our quarter bank and did so even up until her last Christmas with us when I was a senior in college. I think that is probably when he stopped too. We left some quarters with him to say good bye.

At the same cemetary. Loved the statue but did not like that it was a grave marker for a 6 year old.

Hoping to do a better job of honoring my days off to create more, photograph more, and have more on here to share! Well, maybe after this week.

Friday, August 29, 2014

a little at a time

The past few weeks have been difficult. Sometimes that translates into lots of sewing for therapy but not this time. Apparently this time my "therapy" has been to make order of messiness. I guess to add some sanity to life? I cleaned up and out most of the rooms on the the first floor (although it didn't look like it two days later). I cleaned out and rearranged my daughter's room. So far the only cleaning I did for the sewing room was to empty out the scrap bins. I started with some green slab blocks but wasn't sure what to do past that. Looking out the window as we drove across Oklahoma last Thursday, I was inspired.

It's been a fairly mild summer until a couple of weeks ago, so I saw fields of green covered by that full blue sky.

I added a strip of yellow across the top to represent that sun beaming down over all of everything this time of year. And to clear out a bit more scraps. I still have work to do on this one (it's just the top) but I'm glad to finish that much!