Tuesday, April 26, 2016

an April quilt: the love project

Back at the beginning of the year I thought a great way to end each of my Bible study topic each month would be to use what I've learned to design a quilt. By the second month I realized that this was not a practical timewise. I just finished that January quilt about love, 3 months later.


As I was quilting around the spiral, I discovered a layout error. And I kept it there.

The info:
Pattern--Red Centre from Kathy Doughty's Making Quilts, with some changes with the border

Reds--mix from my stash and scraps
Background--Kona Snow
Backing from Joann Valentine collection (one benefit to taking forever to finish this one--V-day sales!)

In my initial plans for this "love" concept quilt, I had started an improv spiral quilt. I did not enjoy working on it. I also needed something I could work on in short segments of time throughout the day and the improv really needed me to hang out all day with it. I looked through my books and found a different sort of spiral. I also originally had purple mixed in with the reds, but as I started laying out the blocks, I decided to eliminate those.

With my March topic (peace), I ended up creating a mixed media art piece. And now with my April topic, I have moved on to Bible art journaling after participating in this online class by Laura of Pitter Patter Art. I believe it repeats every two weeks so keep watching her blog or email her for more info about future sessions.

Well, I'm off now to go be weather aware and enjoy (hopefully) our "storm Sabbatical" evening!

Monday, April 25, 2016

checking in

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted anything. April is always such a full month. Spring arrives and every event under the sun (literally) gets put on the schedule, hoping to avoid a rain out.

There was a track meet.

The track meet where I learned the importance of switching the settings on the camera when it is not so sunny anymore.

I also got to go on a field trip to the Science Museum. They are making lots of improvements there and it seems better each time we visit.

And there has been a bit of soccer.

And an awards presentation for Duke Talent Identification Program recognition.

And this weekend, a little bit of track followed by a LOT of soccer.

And because I learned to adjust camera settings when there was less sunlight, I was able to take this photo (and a few others of teammates). Yea learning!

The finished the tournament with a second place win and lots of happy faces.

And since I haven't posted this month much, I have neglected my April list of what I'm reading. Definitely reading less than March, but still have a few:

What I'm Reading in April
Broke USA by Gary Rivlin
Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey
Red by Liesl Shurtliff (with my daughter)

I will have a quilt to post tomorrow, my only April quilt. Just happy to have it done!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

weekend action

We had a full weekend watching the kids compete and work hard to do their best. Our extended family was able to be with us, an added bonus.

We started with a soccer game, my daughter's first of the season.

Then we loaded up in the car for a short road trip to Pauls Valley. We arrived just in time to cheer on my son in his first race, the 800 run. He was lined up at the starting line as my husband and father-in-law got to our seats in the bleachers. We joined my parents to cheer him on, running on the same track my dad did growing up in Pauls Valley.

After that one, I took my daughter to the park for a bit. Track meets are long, and she wanted to master the slanty slide, one of my favorites when I played here as a kid--well when it wasn't too hot to climb on.

We headed back to watch his last race, the mile run.
It was a super exciting ending, passing one runner on the back of the last curve and three in the last 100m, finishing in 4th place.

His soccer game the next day ended up cancelled. He was a bit thankful for that and so were we since his sister had a game scheduled at the same time.
They got their first win and she scored her first goal of the season.

A great weekend outside, with beautiful spring weather and fun spent with our family. And all of that outside is probably why I have had to walk around all day with kleenex in my pocket for the sneeze explosions. It was worth it.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

March quilt 2

Despite some sewing machine issues, I was able to finish the patchwork quilt.

The inspiration for this quilt was the MoMo fabric used in those three larger squares. I have had it for a while and it was time for it to get cleared off the shelf. I had a couple of other prints that were part of the same collection, and I found more that coordinated with the colors and feel of the fabric.

As I started quilting I hit some problems. First I had some major bunching because I sewed a few rows out of order.I had these in two or three places around one of the larger squares.

I ended up ripping that part of the quilting out and trying again. That larger block was not basted well so I ended up darting the fabric along one edge to smooth everything better.

My Singer sewing machine also locked up.  My mother-in-law had given me her Elna that she had purchased several years ago overseas, so I pulled it out to see if it would work better. It was so quiet and smooth!
I quilted some with it that first night. After a trip to a sewing machine shop on Monday, I had a walking foot that would work on it and finished up the rest of the quilt, including fixing the quilting I had ripped out. I still struggled a bit with the binding because I was unused to the machine but that will get better with practice.

I used up the last of the squares on the back, along with a large gingham I picked up at a recent garage sale. It is interesting that the picture looks blurred in the three areas without quilting (locations of the larger squares on the front).

Happy to have this one finished and ready to get more practice on the Elna!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter with the animals

After lunch on Sunday, the kids and I headed to the zoo (dad took a nap). The weather was cool and the sun was out, and the animals loved it. By the time we arrived the Easter egg hunt at the zoo was over so there were not many people there. It was the best zoo trip we have had in awhile.

 They loved watching this deer.

If my camera was a bit quicker my son and the deer would have been exactly alike. It was licking the glass for some reason.

They always want to check out their wing span.

And here is a flashback of him doing the exact same thing 6 years ago in 1st grade.

Our best view of the male lion (in the background).

 I didn't even have to ask them to pose for these pictures!

I did have to bribe him with a "treat" to get him to smile this time.

 And her picture from the zoo trip 6 years ago:

It is amazing how much more enjoyable the zoo, the animals, and each of us are when it is not blazing hot!

Monday, March 28, 2016

always in motion

Saturday was a full day, and most of it was spent outside. So thankful for the warm weather!

We started the day with a soccer game. Apparently I was busy watching and didn't take many pictures.

From there, some of us headed to my parents' house for our family Easter lunch and egg hunt with my dad's side of the family. Several of the kids were gone so us older kids got to hunt eggs for them. And even my uncle.

Meanwhile the other half of my family stayed in town for a track meet. I missed one run but made it back for the mile run by several hours (I should have hung out with the family a bit longer!).

took a pic of the tent and ended up with my son in it over on the right eating a banana!

checking in

he is flying!
Our faces are all a bit pinker from the sun (not so good about remembering the sunscreen), but it was a wonderful day full of family, friends, and celebration--my favorite things.