First week of summer

I have been amazed. This has been a fun week. Not that I didn't expect it to be fun, but I also expected much more drama. We had some the first day, I think we all had a meltdown that day, but the rest of the week has gone much better.

Tuesday began with a  trip to Gourmet Donuts. We decided to take them to a local park because there wasn't a whole lot of space at the shop. 

We headed home to meet my parents, who helped me fix another spot on my back porch roof. They left, we had lunch, and the rest of the afternoon was just, well, not so great. On to the next day. We did get some supplies for Isaac though. Then it was evening and morning (really early, I might add. These children are wide awake at 6:30.)

On Wednesday we rode our bikes to Reaves Park and played there for a bit. Then we came home before it got too hot to be happy. Grace painted and Isaac made a penguin with sculpey. We had lunch outside on the back porch, which was peaceful with birds singing. While Grace took a nap, Isaac did some math workbook (one item we picked up the day before) and then played some Wii. I took a nap. I don't remember what we did after that but it did not end with screaming or people sent to their room or anything of the sort.

On Thursday, well, the morning was iffy at first. I took everyone outside so I could pull weeds in the garden. Isaac thought this was punishment. He wanted to read. I kept him out. Some day he will understand that if he helps me with the weeds we get done quicker, but he was not getting it that day. I finally got them both to start watering some of the rose bushes and other areas that don't get watered. They started playing with the water and some itty bitty red bugs, and soon were back to normal. Nothing super exciting that day, but I did get a shot of them trying to swat the flies that were suddenly invading our kitchen.
Isaac also went with me to the stadium to run stairs that evening, which I loved.

Friday we headed out to Target for more diapers. Grace also ended up with a few more clothes for summer and Isaac found some new swimming trunks and swim shirt. I found some shorts. We headed home for a quick turnaround and headed back out the door to Splashpad.

 Here is one of Grace's new outfits, a knit sun dress. She ended up sleeping in it too, so it was a bargain--2 outfits in one.
 This is the shirt Isaac picked out along with his swim gear.
And this is the tent that we made for Grace at naptime. It is still there.

We ended the week with a trip to the zoo this morning. It was amazingly crowded and quite by the time we left. But the kids were grumbling (or kicking and screaming) when it was time to leave, so I guess it was a good trip. Well, up to that point.