Random Summer Photos

Last Wednesday I took my daughter to the zoo. We got there super early, since it was going to be hot. We ended up seeing her friend there. They had so much fun together!

Today we went back (it is only a dollar on Wednesdays) so brother could go too. We again went super early, but this time had an amazing blessing. It wasn't hot! We got out of the car and I was actually worried that we would be too cold! I can't wait for cooler weather. Even in the 80s--or 90s-- at this point. The animals were very friendly today. I think they thought we were bringing breakfast.

 A turtle out enjoying the morning. Not our turtle.

 We got there at the snakes snack time. Yippee.
 The three bears.
 My children making good use of the crust that they pulled off of their sandwiches.

 We even watched the sea lion show, since we didn't have to hurry away to avoid heat stroke.

Afterwards, we picked up our new turtle William.

And finished off another row of these Smores Cookie Bars. The kids love them. We ended up adding an extra chocolate bar. The recipe calls for 2 to fit across the pan. I think Hersheys is making the King size bars a little smaller now. Three bars fit perfectly.

And here is my son yesterday, pulling off crust. If I had turned the two jars around so the labels were showing for them too, I could've gotten all kinds of money for this picture! I woke up this morning at 1 or whenever the thunder moved in and rushed outside to grab that tablecloth before the storm took it away.

Got a new book today to use with the kids to learn sewing. I have only glanced through it but it seems great! Laid back and approachable, but covers the basics, with a variety of project ideas for them.

OK. I think that's enough.