August quilt 1: green and yellow

August has been a mess (see previous post) for sewing time, but I did push myself to finish this one. It was a gift for some friends and I wanted to get it given before they moved away. One of them already had.

I think I took these as some weird time of day (probably 6:00 a.m.), because the lighting on them was a bit off. I did what I could to correct some, but just picture it in your mind with a white that does not have a hint of blue. And green that is not quite so zingy.

The pattern was One Way by Cluck Cluck Sew and went together quickly, when I had time to work on it. As my quilt "name" suggests, the fabrics in it were a variety of greens and yellows I had on my shelf. I noticed I hadn't ever made a quilt focused on either of those colors, so I decided to pull all of them together and make something fun. And Baylorish without being too much so.

Next up on the sewing list is one with oranges and purples and a bit of a green. And perhaps a few boxy pouches to clear out some scraps. Those are a quick finish too, always nice to have after finishing some larger quilts.