When my son was in about 3rd grade, our church started a regular trip for high school youth to Operacion San Andreas in Collique, Lima, Peru. If the trip continued, he and the other youth his age would be eligible to go after their freshman (or older for some) year--which was this year! It was an international mission trip he (and I) have been looking forward to for awhile, and we love that our church has been able to continue this partnership. As an added bonus, four of those who went this year (and two of us sponsors) were part of Missions Friends group back in the preschool days:
Isaac, Wilson, Dylan and Ashton

Our group of 16 from FBC Norman was joined by two from Texas who used to be at FBC Norman, plus five university students from FBC Rome, Georgia. This picture also includes three of our translators (and does not include Kyle and Chloe Ferguson, the photographers).

Our hotel was in Miraflores, Lima so everyday we got to see a bit more of life in Lima as we made the trek north in the morning and then back in the evening.

It will be awhile before I complain about the traffic here in Oklahoma.

While in Lima we attended church (in English), ate some delicious food and visited the grocery store a few times, visited a few key places in Lima in our spare time, led worship for the youth in Collique, and got to experience life together. And watch a bit of World Cup soccer.

crowd watching a soccer match

While at OSA, we had three rotations: painting service projects for members of a local church, sports, and crafts. I don't have many pictures from this part since we had a couple there to do that, but here are a few:

lunch break card game

all smiles because it was our last time to paint

There are tons more on the Facebook page of First Baptist Church, Norman.

I loved watching our youth lead and play with the children. The joy of both groups was infectious!

Our final day was our last chance to see a bit more of Lima. We visited the Museum of the Nations, Arnold's (think Happy Days) restaurant, the beach and the Indian Market.

So grateful for the opportunity to go to Peru to serve the children and staff at Operacion San Andreas with this group of youth. And with this one in particular:

Thanks for sticking with this photo barrage! I'll end with my two favorite sunrise pictures from the flight home.