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As promised, here is another post. This one is about food. I've slowly been learning more about food and trying to eat better. To me that means food that is cleaner (no antibiotics in the milk, no ground beef, selecting pre-made products with fewer ingredients, etc.). I've been working to get away from pre-made food, which means I get to learn some new things. As my friend Jeanette has mentioned, this means some experimenting for the family. Lately I've found some recipes that were actual quite good and thought I would share them.

The first two are chicken. It was hard to find some that were really flavorful, but I have found two. Both are from the Everyday Food magazine. Slow Cooker Spiced Chicken with Carrots from the March 2009 issue had some more unusual ingredients but nothing too "crazy." We even ate it with couscous, although rice would've been great too.

The second chicken recipe was for a whole chicken and was in the December 2009 issue. They called it Chicken in a Pot. I used standard chicken broth, not low-sodium, and added a little more since I don't have wine. I also did not serve it with potatoes. The chicken was pretty and brown, cooked in the time they said (a BIG plus), and smelled great while cooking. As you might notice in the picture, I started to cut it up before I remembered I wanted pictures!

I will be working on bread this year--which means I will be psyching myself up to make it. I found the King Arthur whole wheat flour I wanted to try, and it was great in pizza crust. This year I am also working on finding versatile recipes that will work (and taste great) regardless of the season. I'm trying to learn what is produce is in season when and use that. So pizzas and recipes like this chicken in a pot are great because seasonal produce can be used.

It sure seems like I am having to relearn a lot of thing that people used to take for granted.


  1. i can't believe I got mentioned in 2 posts! i feel so famous! Where did you find King Arthur? I can't find it anywhere here except the health food store for 6 bucks!

  2. Wow! That chicken looks amazingly good!! We went to Whole Foods a week or two ago (some people call it Whole Paycheck) and we bought a few things that we could not find elsewhere. It is a beautiful store, catering to those who want food as fresh and natural and additive-free as possible. I bought some stew meat to try and some of there marvelous cereals and granolas from special containers. It reminded me in a way of the grains that we used to see in big barrels in the Middle East.

  3. Oops...I posted "there" instead of "their."

  4. Next time we are visiting, if we have time I'd like to go there with you.


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