Pink and Green Trellis--one more August quilt

It was a busy family birthday weekend but I FINALLY finished this trellis quilt. I have no idea how long I've been working on it, probably around a year. It has been in a box for most of that time. It had a lot of steps for each block so I needed to work on it a bit at a time.

It's a bit shady here but I discovered as I tried to take pictures that I had no where else to get a picture at the house. The pattern is called "Trellis Crossroads" and is from the book Modern Bee. As I think I mentioned before, this is an excellent example of why there are quilting bees (besides the social part). A few people can each make four blocks or so and get an awesome quilt. Doing it on my own was a bit more daunting.

One more quilt tackled on my 3rd quarter finish along goals! I have two more on the list that should get done, unless I get distracted by some new ones I've been planning.

One picture from the birthday lunch. He's sitting next to the birthday boy/guy but since he actually let me take the pic, it needed to be posted, glasses glare and all.


  1. Cute quilt! Lots of little pieces, I can see why it took a while.

  2. It is super super pretty! I love it, you have done a great job.

  3. All that white background surely makes the colors shine. Beautiful quilt!

  4. Such pretty colors! I bet it feels good to finish it!

  5. This is really lovely - good on you for pushing through and getting it done!


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