New Year

I have discovered someone besides me has actually looked at this blog! Thank you Jeanette! In honor of this special occasion, I will make TWO posts. That is much better than one in July and then one in January. I missed all of Fall--but it really is kind of a blur in my mind so no wonder.

In October I went to OKC to hear Donald Miller talk about his new book A Million Miles in Thousand Years. In the book he talks about the process of making his life into a movie and his realization that we live stories. He chose to take charge of that story and make it a good one. Since then, I have been thinking about the story I want for my own life but kept getting hung up. It was just too hard. I have had trouble dreaming big for a while, but I also really just want to live the story God wants me to live, not go make up my own. As New Year's Day came along though, I tried again. He said characters in a book want something, so I tried to list things I want. Not my Christmas list kind of wants, but the things I want to do with my life and this time I have and my family. Last night I checked out another blog I like, This is Reverb,and he had listed a huge Life list of his own. He also posted one by John Goddard. For some reason Goddard's list clicked my brain on a little more. I still can't figure out this big picture story idea, but at least now I'm started to pull those dreams out of my brain. I've decided to list what I have so far. Some are ones I had as I was graduating college that I have done--I think this is the point when I got confused.

My Life List (as of January 15, 2010):

1. Learn to play the drums
2. Learn Taekwondo (DID THIS)
3. Become an interior designer (DID THIS)
4. Pass interior design certification (DID THIS)
5. Get married (DID THIS)
6. Get a house and renovate it (GOT THE HOUSE, WORKING ON IT)
7. Have children (DID THIS)
8. Get Masters of Theology
9. See U2 in concert (DID THIS)
10. Learn to make good yeast bread (2010)
11. Learn to make pizza crust (2010-DID THIS)
12. Grow a bigger garden
13. Learn how to preserve the extra food out of the garden (2010)
14. Continue to work on eating and preparing more seasonal foods and food that is food, not chemicals (2010)
15. Go camping this summer (2010)
16. Learn to make pretty, cool cards (2010)
17. Keep (and use) a sketchbook (2010)
18. Remodel back porch area
19. Repair back roof / balcony (July 2010)
20. Finish the few minor items in living room (2010)
21. Remodel kitchen
22. Learn Hebrew
23. Paint front porch (2010)
24. Add base shoe in bedroom (2010-DID THIS)
25. Put new light in breakfast room (2010-DID THIS)
26. Work in a church as a minister--whatever kind God is building me to be

27. Holy Land (2010)
28. Guatemala
29. Italy (DID THIS)
30. Italy again
31. Switzerland
32. Greece
33. Morocco
34. Estes Park CO
35. New Orleans LA
36. Robbers Cave (2010, probably twice)
37. Muir Woods, CA
38. Thailand
39. India
new40. Santa Fe

That's what I have so far. Surely there are more places in the USA I want to go to. Maybe I will be able to write more later that are more tangled up in my roles (mom, wife, Kid's Hope director, etc.) but for now I just need to write some for me. It will all work together anyway.


  1. Whoa! Mega long post!! I lovethe "have kids (did this)" as if its over I guess technically the "having" part is over!... ha ha!
    Greece and morocco are on my tippity top, although I have heard morocco is quite dangerous for tourists. But could you imagine the food!!
    preserving food, bigger garden, and go camping are also on my list for this is have kids for that matter... ha ha I really crack myself up!

  2. I had to make up for 5 months of NO posts.

    I hope to be done with the having. The raising is underway. :) My "want" for the raising of the kids is really long so I didn't even bother. If I thought about it maybe I could summarize it in a sentence. But not right now.

    You're gonna go camping with a newborn, or before she's born?

  3. haha, yes the newborn may put a damper in our camping plans, but we didn't get to go last year since it was about 125 degrees in Abilene everyday from April until October ;)
    Maybe you need more than one list!


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