The Trouble with a Walk

Yesterday I took Grace for a walk. I decided to head for across Classen to the neighborhoods in that area and ended up in an area I had never seen before. The houses were beautiful older homes. It was a lovely day and I ended up taking some pictures of a few. I saw landscaping I liked.

I moved on to the next street and saw a house with a porch much like mine. The house was bit grander, but the porch was the same. They had a porch swing and comfy chairs. And ferns hanging along the front. And the porch even looked painted.

I can consider these just inspiration houses, but in my brain, inspiration is something to ACT on. And now is not the time, with the class to finish and the other class starting soon. At least I might remember them if I put the pictures here.

Especially since I only update this about once a month, if that.