The Power of Half

Last weekend I plowed through one of my books for class (Live to Tell by Kallenberg) but also squeezed in time to read The Power of Half by Kevin (the dad) and Hannah (the daughter) Salwen. This is the story of one family's quest to make better use of their resources-their money, time, and talents. I would have been interested in hearing more from the wife--she sounds like an awesome lady but is only involved in the story-telling from Kevin's point of view.

The book was somewhat inspiring. I had Isaac sort through the giant mass of t-shirts in his drawer and give away half of them to the church clothes closet. Mostly though it made me think about the choices I make and have already made. We live in a house smaller than what the Salwens moved into when they downsized. But it is still a decent sized house for a family of four. I think it is enough. The closets are dinky, but this makes me be conscientious about what I buy and what I keep. The kitchen is the same. I have what I need and a few extras, but not enough room for much else. We are also living on one income right now (another half!), and that has also been sufficient. The cost of my classes and recent car repairs make me cringe, because I am not providing any money to offset that. BUT, we have enough for those on the one income and I get more chances to help others and raise my children.

What was also interesting to me was reading this book and realizing that God is not mentioned in it until the end, when their housekeeper tells them she prayed for the sale of their house. I'm sure this caught my attention because I have been reading so much for class and ALL of those are talking about God. But the concept of giving of yourself for others is one of the central messages of the Gospel, one that this family is striving to live out. They are helping God restore this world and don't even know it.


  1. I feel this way all the time. Then I start to slid into acquiring things and get inspired back the other way. This is one reason I am so thankful for people like you who give us clothes and things, it is so very generous and lots of people don't do that.


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