What I'm Reading

I have a small break before I start on my final assignment for my "Missional Church: Embodying the Gospel" class. My professor cut out the 20-40 page paper, thankfully. That is a lot of words. So in the day or two before I start on the 4 mini-essays, I have been reading some books I bought after the class. I just finished Hannah's Child, a memoir by Stanley Hauerwas. This was recommended by Prof. Marty Michelson, and I really enjoyed it. Hauerwas is funny. Since I read it for fun, I really don't want to write a review at all of it. It is a good book to make you think about the web of your life--the people you've met and how they've helped guide you to new ways of thinking and being.

Now I am reading Follow me to Freedom by Shane Claiborne and John Perkins. It's a little slower paced, since it is more of a dialogue between the two authors.

Once I finish the class, I may even read a FICTION book.


  1. When are you going to Israel? We are going (again) in January - I have been before in January so i can definitely tell you how I packed for that trip. I'm not sure if it was technically winter there but it was cold. Please email me at robynriley@gmail.com and I'd love to chat with you! -Robyn


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