and I like to do drawrings

I have made myself draw something the past four days in a row, and it is helping me. I used the book Creative License to help me get re-started and will go back to it from time to time as I get stuck. I have some other ones too, including one with lots of pictures of other people's journals that I really love. I remember that one of the reasons I switched to the interior design major was that I wanted to take the art history classes and I wanted to do art. I wanted to carry around the tool box with all the awesome art supplies. And I liked making spaces look better (still do). What still gives me brain freeze is looking at pictures of a project or potential project and looking at the details--the zillions of choices and decisions that had to be made, drawn, built, and bought. Now that I think about it, it is much easier figuring out what to draw each day, and that is one of the main hang-ups I was having.

Other creative things I did today included rearranging Isaac's room so it didn't look so "jumbly" (I have a bachelors degree in these things and that's the best I could come up with. Sorry.) It looks much less cramped now and he seems to like it. I also baked a chicken for dinner and later, a chocolate cake for my mom. The chicken recipe is already posted on here. The cake recipe is on the can of Hershey's cocoa, as is the icing recipe I will use tomorrow for it.