What I've Been Doing Since October.

October 10. That was far ago but I must have been busy to not write anything, or post any pictures even.

We went to the Duck Pond a few times.

Enjoyed some trick or treating. Grace had a blast running to the houses for candy, and Isaac scared everyone with his glowing red eyes.

Made a few trips to Braums to let the kids use the gift cards they got from Grandma and Grandpa for Halloween.

Made a Pecan Pie Cheesecake (my first ever) for Thanksgiving. And immediately got a request--or an order--to make it again for Christmas. It's in the oven now. Also spent time with all of the family and watched some football. 

Let the kids decorate the tree. Didn't plan for the kids to be color coordinated. But didn't get any great Christmas card worthy photos either. Although this one is kinda funny.

Rearranged half the living room after staring at it while "writing" a paper and while trying to figure out where to put the tree.

Led the Giving Tree project at my church for children at Lincoln Elementary school. We doubled the number of kids this year, but the church people came through with all of these goodies.

Started Craft Week with Isaac after reading about such things on Whatever and saw all of the cute things they made last year. Meg just posted their craft for today and may have to try that one too.

Took two classes. Finished my final paper for one class (Patterns of Church Renewal). I think it had 22 pages or something close. I am so glad that is done.

Day two of Craft Week was decorating sugar cookies. Grace got to participate this time, although she stuck to the one cookie. And then ate it. She thought the bowl of frosting was ice cream so we moved that away pretty quick. And she loved the sprinkles. I guess I should add some next time she has a bowl of real ice cream.

That's all. Christmas #1 is tomorrow. I am starting to think through the packing process for my trip to the Israel, and tonight I started reading the Israel sections of a book I found with Isaac: A Child's Geography: Explore the Holy Land. It will help him know a bit more about where I'm going, and is a good review for me too. I used to have a word for the "homeschooling" I do when he is out of school, but I can't remember it anymore.

More craft pictures to come. Until then, Merry Christmas!