Traveling to the Holy Land - Days 1-2

It is still amazing and crazy to me that I got to go to the Holy Land, specifically Jordan and Israel. There are other places that could be called "the Holy Land", but these are the heart of it. My trip was part of a class led by Marty Michelson, a professor at SNU. It was my last course for my masters, and was entitled "The Ideology of Land." It focused on the issues in Israel and the Arab world, historically and culturally and biblically, and culminated with this trip.

We left mid day on the 3rd. We had a small issue at the beginning of our trip, so that some of us got to check our baggage twice in OKC, but on the whole, the travel was uneventful. Most of our flight was on Turkish Airlines, and they are awesome. It has been several years since I have flown internationally, but I don't remember it being so great. Turkish Airlines has great and plentiful food, free headsets, and this individual touch screen monitors for movies, tv shows, or even just watching the progress of the flight. I had a window seat, so it also helped me know what I was seeing as I looked out the window.

Our flight arrived in Amman, Jordan in the evening of the 4th. It is an 8 hour time difference, but it was still a LOT of hours of travel. We checked in to our hotel, made a phone call home, got settled in, and went to bed. My roommate for the trip was a SNU sophomore named Bree Parker.