Snow Days

We've had an amazing amount of snow days lately, almost two weeks worth. Between the snow days and a holiday, my children haven't gone to a full week of school since I came back from Israel. It was all good, though. Well, yesterday was hitting my limit and I think theirs, but other than that.

The first week was a blizzardy snow week, so we didn't go out much until the weekend. We played some games (no pictures) until that disintegrated into yelling and toddler game dumping and the usual gametime ADD that I get. I also started thinking about DIY projects I could do in the house while stuck there, and made plans for an escape to Lowes.

We made it outside one day for a short time. It was still bitterly cold, and the kids didn't have very good clothes. I need to plan ahead a bit better next winter. We went out the next day and found Isaac some better snow boots too.

The next day we headed to Lowes and Walmart. We found some boots. Not sure if they will last longer than this winter but we didn't have many options.  I also made them some snow ice cream, which Isaac loved. Grace just ate grapes instead.

Friday, Isaac and I painted this fireplace. It is now white.

Saturday was warmer so I took both kids out individually to play in the snow. Double the fun for me!

It's hard to see in this last one, but Isaac wrote his name in the snow with his feet.

This week we were all home again for Wednesday and Thursday. Grace and I went to the library on Tuesday since I could tell we were going to be home again a bit. So I got cookbooks and made banana cake. Then I made some peanut butter chocolate bars for a bake sale this weekend. This is the recipe here, except I used her updated version, with butter recipe golden cake mix. I used creamy peanut butter. And the updated recipe doesn't have coconut. And it baked at 350 degrees instead of 325.

I also had all the fabric I needed for some slipcovers I planned to make for a couple of garage sale finds, so I started those. One down (mostly), one to go.

One morning I planned a gardening dream day. I laid out two big pieces of paper, one for Grace and one for Isaac and me. I had read a fiction book to each of them the night before. Grace got My Garden and Isaac had In the Garden with Dr. Carver. They are studying Black History so that one seemed perfect. I loved the illustrations. So now it was time to dream about what to plant in our garden this year. I gave them so colored pencils, crayons, and a bunch of reference books. We started. Grace drifted to our paper. Eventually I took Grace away so Isaac could finish without the yelling.

 This is what Isaac made, plus Grace's additions afterwards. He wants flowers, tomatoes, and pumpkins.

All I got was the start of a list and a quick sketch of where we could plant things. Then I had to leave.

Yesterday--some loud air hockey and more yelling. Isaac played some computer game from the school website while Grace took a "nap" and I took a Bible study / sanity break.

There were some other things I'm sure, like a few movies in the evenings. But mostly that's it. I wore myself out. Just in time for the weekend.