Catching up

Since I still wanted to do the Project Simplify decluttering project with Simple Mom, but was gone a week, I ended up tackling two projects this week. The week I missed was paper clutter. I worked mostly in the living room, around my desk and the piles all around. I also found a stack upstairs that I brought down to join the fun. I didn't bother taking pictures and still have a halfway full box of "take action" items, but am making myself pull out at least 5 a day and deal with. I was able to clear out an area of my desk to put the books I am using right now too. As you can see from the pic, I still need to organize the other desk stuff, but that will come later.
Since it was increasingly warm over spring break, I knew I needed to switch around my kids clothes soon. I was happy this week's project was kid's toys and/or clothes. I tackled the clothes first with both, not sure if I could even venture into toyland. Grace's clothes were just a change out so I took no pictures. I did fill up a tub of clothes to share with friends, once their girls get a little bigger.
Isaac's Clothes BEFORE:  He had jammed full drawers plus a few bins of summer clothes in the closet.

He now has drawers with space in them, so maybe he can get clean clothes back in the drawer without jamming them in. We also had a huge stack of clothes to get rid of. Some I took to our church's clothes closet and some I saved to pass on to a friend.

Grace was willing to sort through some toys and seemed quite motivated to pass things on to "the baby." She knew we were going to go see a baby this week, so that must have helped. We cleaned out a lot of the toys from when she was younger and sorted through a mountain of stuffed animals. I kept a few of the stuffed animals she was finished with, the ones that Isaac had loved too and the ones that came from my grandpa. A few of the small ones were in great condition, so I washed them and set them aside for Operation Christmas Child. All the rest were donated yesterday and this morning before she decided to reclaim everything. Isaac's toys? Well, he went through a tub that had been stored in the top of his closet for about a year. I didn't bother with anything else.

BEFORE: Misc stuff from under the bed and the floor


Today I got to catch up with my friend Ana and meet her sweet new baby Sofija. I also got to see her mom again, who is visiting from Serbia. Grace loved the baby--and all of her toys.