We have a lot of stuff. Since I have been out of school, I have started tackling it but tend to try to hit everywhere at once or at least in one day. That doesn't work, mainly because I never sort through the box of stuff that I have removed from the room.

This month I am following with  Tsh and decluttering one area a week. Perhaps I can at least truly finish one that way before I move on to the next. Maybe I'll even be able to carve out an extra hour if I get done with one early to sort the box in the bedroom.

On Monday she said project one is my closet and clothes. Last fall the top pole in our closet fell. At that point, this was Shannon's clothes. All of those got carried out while we figured out what to do. While there were some dream ideas, the bottom line was that Shannon's clothes were piled in a monstrous pile on the love seat. After looking at my options, I ended up buying an  extra closet. I moved all of my clothes to this, since they fit better with the spacing of the poles, and Shannon got the closet. I sorted through some of my clothes then, but not the bin under the bed or the drawer of sweaters.

My closet.
Other clothes that were stashed here and there. I found all the summer dresses I bought last year that I probably would've forgotten--and the snow coat that I did forget.

A neater closet.  Removed two bags of clothes from here and all the stashes.

I also found better places for some of the seasonal items. The bin under my bed now holds all of my super cold winter gear, even the sweaters. The short sleeve shirts that I keep trying to wear fit at the back of our other closet, too deep in for Shannon to want to use. Soon I can trade those with the long sleeve. Hopefully very soon. I am ready for spring.