Ever since graduation has started getting closer--well, ok, really ever since I quit my job at OU, I've been trying to decide what I really want to do. Interior design is not such a good fit for me. Maybe if I worked somewhere else, but I now have very little desire to even attempt a somewhere else. A friend, who is also an interior designer trying to figure out what to do with herself, recently recommended Craig Groeschel's book Chazown. So I bought it. I have worked through the first half of the book, mapping out my spiritual gifts, core values, and experiences. Groeschel states that if you do this, writing them in three overlapping circles and pray, God will help you find your chazown, your life vision and purpose, in this point where all of these circles intersect. I did all this. I even did the thing with the post-it notes to help work through the life lessons of my experiences. See?

So far, I'm still waiting. Maybe if I say "chazown" a lot it will all become clearer. I can tell I am trying to be too specific, trying to name a specific job rather than my overarching purpose. My spiritual gifts of mercy, service, leadership, and administration point to some sort of ministry job, but then I look at the words in the other circles I've made and I draw a blank. Minister of Sunshine. I think I need to pray more. And tote around this giant drawing I made of all these circles and get some outside eyes.