Our Saturday

After what seemed like months of preparation, it was finally To Norman with Love day. We and several others from the community--probably 250 or so--gathered in the FLC of my church and then headed out to our projects. Isaac brought his tool box, which was awesome.

Our Sunday School class chose to work with Mary Abbott Children's House, which is a child abuse response center. We planned to do some yard work, some minor repairs, and window washing. Shannon and Isaac headed over there with the group while Grace and I helped clean up the gym. Then we joined the family.
 Isaac was helping Justin work on a screen door when I got there. He came and joined me in the courtyard.
Shannon was getting ready to spray paint this chair. I started in pulling some monster weeds and then tried to fit them in the bags. They were some nasty prickly things.
 Isaac found another place to work, raking leaves to help clean up the parking and so some of the other guys could plant grass seed.
Grace got to help spread some Grace seed in another area.

It was a great morning working with some friends and my family, lightening the load for a wonderful agency in Norman.

After our afternoon rest time, we headed to Mustang to celebrate my aunt and uncle's 40th wedding anniversary. My kids got to play with their cousins, and I got to see my grandpa and grandma. They hadn't been able to come to my graduation and I missed them. This week had been too crazy to get there for a visit. We had delicious brisket and Italian Cream Cake, among other things. It was a lovely evening celebrating the blessings of my family.

 Allyn and Carole
 Grace and Seth
 Papa, Grace, and Grandma Ruth
the crazy cloud we watched on the way home