Two Lists

Isaac and I worked on our summer list a couple of nights ago. Grace added a couple of suggestions, but mostly it was the two of us taking turns.  We left some blank at the end for more ideas, and we left room for checkmarks once we do something. I need to find a place to hang it. It's a bit large though.

Speaking of a bit large, this is the new frog in our family. Isaac found it at the duck pond yesterday when he and Shannon went out exploring.

Shannon put together this house for it out of our cardboard recycling tub, some bricks, and a screen he found in our garage. I'm not sure if the frog is well--he doesn't move around much--but then, I really don't know much about giant frogs.

This second list is my Chazown list/diagram. I am still thinking through what I see through it, but feel like I am slowly getting through the ice jam in my brain. I hope to share it with a couple of people and see what insight they can provide.