Summer List Explosion

Back in May I posted our summer list. Isaac and I made it on a giant piece of paper, which I have now discovered is too big to hang up anywhere in this house. We have been making progress on it though, so much progress that we are going to need to make some major additions in the next few days. Some of the items we will do again, like the library and splash pad and bike rides, but we still have two more months to go!

So here is the first list again:
Just to make me wish I had taken a better picture and all sorts of other things, this is this year's Summer List from whatever:
A wise friend recently told me that I don't have to be able to do and be good at everything. We were talking about interior design, and this was a novel idea to me. I have since realized that this is a novel idea to me in A LOT of my life. I knew I was often a frustrated perfectionist, but when I started paying attention, I realized how widespread it is. I see it with Isaac too. This was the same friend who suggested Chazown. I should have lunch with her more often!

ANYWAY, back to my main point. We will have an expanded summer list soon. We will try to dream bigger. I will add some of my own on there too, in addition to the all important item #14 already listed. I looked at this list for some ideas, but mostly just saw some yummy treats to try. One of the big changes we have already made to the list --- well, ok, I just checked and it was only on the list in my head. So, one of the additions to the list is a taste test at all of the donut shops in Norman. We go once at the beginning of the month and in the middle of the month. Today we rode our bikes to Donut King. It was quite a trek, but it was worth it. We got a lot of exercise, ate some yummy donuts, and got to visit with some friends on the way home. They had some major damage from the wind storm earlier this week. This is what their backyard looks like right now:
The boys have high hopes for a fort, but I don't think the branches are going to be there much longer. Thankful I don't have that to clean up. We mostly have mountains of mulchy debris from the flood into our backyard. The garden even held up under the hail, and it was on high ground so it did not get washed away. I am still amazed daily that the garden is still growing and thriving. It is amazing what using the sprinkler on it regularly will do. Water will produce much fruit. It says this in the Bible a lot, and I have a daily reminder of this in my backyard. I just need to remember to add the water in my own life.