A summer's day

I have at least two other posts to make, one about father's day weekend and one about what I am finally understanding about the link between interior design and living life with Christ, but I'd rather share about today while it is still here.

One of our friends had a baby yesterday at a hospital on the north side of OKC. That is quite a drive, not so much for me, but for an 8 year old boy who has other things he would like to do with his summer it would have been quite a battle. Luckily the hospital is right next to Martin Park Nature Center and Lake Hefner, trees and water. That I can work with.

We started our day with a hike at Martin Park. We walked through the nature center building first, to know what to look for while we were walking around. Each of the kids picked up a walking stick (which I won't let them do again) and we took off on the trail.

 Grace looking very Yoda-like.

  Dreaming of turtles

We stopped back in the nature center before we left to check out everything one more time. Isaac got to watch one of the staff dudes feed a bunch of the creatures, which he loved. We headed off to the hospital to visit our friends and their new sweet little baby. It was getting close to lunch (and the kids were getting bouncy) so we didn't stay long. Our last stop was the Children's Park at Lake Hefner. I had hoped to see some sail boats -- and the kids had hoped to ride on one-- but none were out today. Probably a weekend would be better, or anytime that it is not 100 degrees outside. We still had fun with our picnic and checking out the lake.

It was another fun day, full of places we didn't even think about going when we made our lists for the summer. I love having space in our days and in our lives to add in some fun and be there for friends.