My Day Off

The kids left with their grandparents at 7:30 a.m. So what did I do today?

  • Ran the steps at the stadium. I typically do this with Isaac at 8 pm, so it was about 15 degrees cooler than usual. There was even a slight, very slight, breeze. It was still hot though.
  • Ate breakfast. Did not have to stop eating to get anyone more milk.
  • Cleaned up.
  • Took money to the bank (I know this is sounding pretty boring).
  • Went to Walmart on the east side for oil change. They told me two hour wait. I decided to try the west side one. Even if it was a long wait there too, at least it is bigger.
  • And there was a two hour wait at the West Side one. Also had to sign a special waiver cause the dipstick was dry. Nice. Apparently there's a leak. Glad it didn't blow up while I was driving all over Oklahoma on Sunday.
  • Wandered around Walmart for an hour or so, looking at what I wanted to. School supplies are in! Grabbed a stack of magazines and sat down to pick out which ones to buy. I picked two.

  • Headed to the McDonalds and ordered a Dr Pepper and some cookies (after paying for my purchases, of course). Then I sat at the back, ate my tasty cookies and read one of my magazines.
  • Got my car then decided I should vacuum it while the car seat was out.
  • Vacuumed it--even the trunk.
  • Saw the Goodwill store next to the car wash and decided to check it out. Get me in the shopping mood. I walked in the door and found out THEY HAVE BOOKS!
  • Bought all these books for 99 cents each.
  • Was going to go to the library but ended up going to the church to hang posters for movie night (which now have to be pulled down tomorrow). Shoulda gone to the library.
  • Used our Groupon and ate some yummy Italian food at Benvenuti's with Shannon.
  • Found a giant turtle on our street and made a home for it. It really is as big as it looks.

  • Sat on my couch trying to stay awake from eating too much food. Should've skipped the carrot cake.

Now I am gonna get ready for tomorrow!