Although my day began with a bleary eyed early morning diaper change (Grace's, not mine), it has been a truly peaceful day, one that I really needed. After taking care of Grace, she snuggled into the bed with us to make sure our "eyes are open." Somewhere in there, I took the time to start my day with Psalms. This has been my new practice since I read The Cloister Walk about a month ago, to start and end my day with Psalms. Sometimes I forget one or the other, but I'm trying. Today's was Psalm 37, one of my favorites.

After breakfast, I found out Isaac was invited over to visit a friend for the day. Grace and I came back, watered the garden, and then headed up to the deck to paint. I had asked her yesterday what she wanted to do, and as she usually says, it was "paint." This was the first time I had taken her out on the deck to paint, although that is on our Summer List. I still don't have the gate up at the stairs. But that is one of the reasons I have worked so hard to get the railing replaced, so I grabbed the pillows, paper, paint, and a cup of water.

Yes, that door behind her really needs some work. Pretty far down on the list though.
She had great fun with the watercolors, as usual. I mostly practiced writing. I've seen so many awesome creations lately on Etsy, with a verse or name or phrase, and I wanted to try.

We met Isaac and our friends at Braums for lunch. He ended up staying with the for the afternoon, so we headed home for rest time. Grace explored her closet. I read a couple of books and fell asleep for a bit.
It was soon time to get Isaac, so we went and hung out with our friends for awhile. I don't seem to do that much. It was great--and Grace came home with painted fingernails.

After dinner I decided to check out my new yoga dvd. One of my friends suggested I try yoga to add to what I'm already doing at the stadium. Isaac and I tried a few things. Shannon quickly saw (with her first stretch) that he could really hurt himself with it. Grace got banished to the couch--and then fell asleep to the instructor's calm voice and the sound of the ocean surf behind her. Hopefully she won't wake up at 4 a.m.

I hauled her up to bed after clearing a safe path in her room and then came back downstairs to do a winding down routine. It was quite peaceful, so much that I almost fell asleep myself there at the end. And I took a small nap already! I'll end the day working on my list of blessings and reading Psalm 38. However, it does not look so peaceful. Really, it looks quite appropriate had I injured myself with the yoga--"My back is filled with searing pain" in verse 7. But truthfully, the peace comes from handing over this anguish, the complaints, and confessions to Him. The peace descends at close.