Projects for the week

I told myself no new projects until I finish the stack of projects I'd already started, like the upper deck, the Holy Land photo book, and who knows what else. This month, well, I just told myself  "don't go buy anymore project supplies--finish the ones you've started." I still need to do the final touch up work on the guest bath trim, and have the supplies for that. I have finished the photo book, and have the photo book I need for the Kid's Hope album I plan to start this month. I have finished the upper deck railing, and have the supplies for the gate. But I kept eyeing the upstairs hallway wall.

Before Grace, I had been putting Isaac's quarterly pictures there, neatly in matching frames. After Grace was born, I didn't know what to do. We had her pictures taken a different place. They came in a different format most of the time. So that wall has been a hodge podge to bother me. I started looking for collage frames, to maybe try to reframe groups of pictures. I'm still looking. Walmart has a set of 2 16 x 20 that may work. But... while I was looking at that wall I was also looking through The Creative Family by Amanda Soule. Her child has a play kitchen area that I loved. If I  find the picture on her website I'll add it--I don't want to scan it in. I decided our play kitchen needed a little shelf above it to store the vanilla, pepper, and other cooking supplies.

Yesterday I built it with scrap from the basement and today I hung it. 

The wonky frames are still above, although I had to take a couple down. And the floor. I'm starting to think I should just paint it like my sister suggested. That's for this fall.

While sitting in Grace's room a couple of days ago, I also noticed the shelf that was still off center from her bed. It was hung there when her crib was in there. I was finally ready to redo that, as well as fix the clutter at the top of a book shelf. 

And then there's the blue room, my study and stuff room. A couple of days ago I was scoping out the Ikea website, doing a little pretrip shopping. On one of the little design videos they show a children's bedroom with a little storage area. The storage bin is on wheels and the child pulls it out of the way to use the desk above. Bingo! I moved the black table/desk from the basement to the blue room. I bought four casters, flipped over my black memory chest, and installed them on the four posts. I even added a strip of wood along the bottom to help support the weight of all the stuff inside. Of course then I had to reload the chest, but that gave me a chance to sort through some of it and get rid of a few papers.
Now I have a place to work on a project or sew, with a pull out bench below. The two yellow cushions are for the upper deck, but are stored here until I figure out how to store them out there.

As always happens, while working on this project, I found another. Once upon a time, someone-I think my sister-gave us this Anniversary book.

While glancing through, I noticed I needed to add a bunch more annual  pictures. So--I started going through the albums to find one with at least the two of us together. That is more difficult than it should be, but I take most of the pictures and none of myself. I found enough for every year but last year. I should be able to get one from someone else, since that wasn't too long ago.

I still want to go through and fill in the blanks. I think those "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" books are about me.