So many gifts

After I returned from the Holy Land, I received my copy of Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts. It was God directed timing and I loved the book, loved the message of the book. So on January 20th I began my own list of 1000 gifts. The first one? 1. dusting of snow. Since then I have tried to write everyday. Mostly I do, but I am still not where I want to be, ever mindful of the beauty and gifts all around me.

On July 7th, I was working on my list. This was a free day for me--grandparents had taken the kids earlier that morning to keep them for the weekend. I usually try to do at least 10 and as I got near the end, I suddenly realized I had crossed 1000. I was surprised and looked back at the previous lists to see if I had miscounted somewhere. But there were all there. #1000 was "tons of cheap books I found at the Goodwill store today for the kids." It really was a day of blessings and rest, and an amazing day to reach #1000.

Now I'm shooting for the next 1000, but more importantly still striving for the daily sense of presence, of being here rather than always planning or hoping for the next thing, and missing the glory and beauty and blessing of God all around me.

1146. calm morning
1147. my children eating their breakfast, with no complaints
1148. the rain last night
1149. cool of the overcast skies
1150. children running and swimming and enjoying a morning with friends
1151. lunch under the umbrella
1152. sweet, cold cherries
1153. seeing my son's diving off the side of the pool (his first time)
1154. time to talk to a friend and watch our children's joy in play
1155. birthday invitations mailed