What we made

I finally figured out how to display the baby photos for my two children. Once upon a time I had one child. We had his pictures taken every 3 months at the same place, framed them the same and hung them in the hallway. When I had Grace, I thought, "well, I'll just take some of his down, frame hers the same, and we can compare them." But I took her to a different place for her pictures. They gave me different options and I would come home with collage portraits instead of the little ones. I hung them anyway. And it drove me crazy.

It took months of thinking in the back of my brain, but I now it's done. I realized I have 5 x 7s of both of them at the same increments (except for the one I missed with Grace at 9 months. Glad I have an awesome printer and took lots of pics). I looked at all of my frame options and decided on this:

I still think they were adorable. Sorry for the glare. It still took me a couple of days to figure out how to hang these. I DID NOT want to drill 9 different holes for each child. Today I found some thin plywood and some industrial strength double sided tape in the basement. I pulled off the cardboard thing, the little stand, off of each picture and then stuck them on the plywood. I cut the plywood a little smaller than the overall size so I can't see it. Not sure how that tape will hold up, but will switch to some foam tape if it starts to fail on me. Grace has a few empty ones for pictures through age 5. Here's what it look like in the hall:

Isaac made his own Lego creation today:

And Shannon and Grace? They made cookies.

She was very excited-- and she should be. It's cookies! Now she is making her own Megablock creation, and I'm making this post. And thinking about what color I should paint those cabinets.

And this is BEFORE we ate any cookies.