Geese in the ankle high Duck Pond
I was mowing the yard this morning and realized that I seem to be practicing to be a grandma lately. Not by mowing the yard, although I bet there are plenty (like my own mom) who do. It just seems like all the stuff I've been thinking about doing on my Tuesdays off (coming soon!) are well, granny-like. Making pie crust from scratch. Try to make a quilt.Stitching up this cross stitch I found in a magazine recently. Crocheting, and not just crocheting, but crocheting granny squares. Weird. I don't really plan to embrace this granny-ness like Dottie Angel. No doilies everywhere. But I learned a lot from my grandmas. They had (and have) so much day-to-day wisdom that is disappearing with our convenience and consumer based world. Relearning even just a bit of that, like how to make a garden that produces enough food to rely on, would be a good thing. Of course rain would be nice too. As I watched my garden wilt under the relentless heat, I was very aware of how blessed we are. We did not have to rely upon that garden to eat. Those millions in Africa suffering from the famine (and those in numerous other parts of the world) do need that food to eat. Our system has given us a bit of protection from that, but I wonder how long that will last, and if that separation has made it all too easy to ignore reality.