Making stuff

Grace's birthday is coming up this weekend and I decided to make some of her presents. I have this stash of fabric, most of which I can't decide how to use. I love it and am afraid to cut it. After our recent trip to the lake-that-is-becoming-a-pond I decided to make her a treasure bag, which I found in Amanda Blake Soule's book Handmade Home. She stresses using what you have, so I did as much as I could. I had to buy the mesh and the straps but the rest I had. I got enough to make one for Isaac (in a different color) but I'm not sure if he wants one.

Today I made one more bag for her, a bag to take to the library or wherever. I got the idea and instructions for it from this Momtastic post. I used a Curious George fabric I've had for awhile. I think she will love it.

Isaac and I have also been making a Turtle Farm for a turtle he will be getting soon from a friend. He finished it up tonight. I would love to paint the concrete blocks at some point--an awesome animal mural of some kind--but it is going to need to be about 30 degrees cooler.

I didn't make this tower of glass, but it is so awesome. And somebody (Dale Chihuly and his artists) made it.

And tomorrow, we're making THESE for Treat Tuesday.