I find myself saying this a lot lately. God is telling people to move--and then WOW.

--Ashley's online photography course raises $40,000 in three days, enough to fund an adoption for her and another family.

--My sister is now the director of C-SHOP, where she has worked for several years.

--A local pastor's wife, preparing to commute daily, found a teaching job in their new town.

I can think of one or two others from the past couple of weeks. From the past couple of days.

Other people I know have begun the process. They have moved. Kim has started her design blog, still not sure where to go with it. Amy and her family have moved into a rent house as they wait for God's next assignment.

And me? I feel like I'm still back at the waiting, using that little lamp Kim talked about to guide my path. If you read my previous blog, you can see that my path is all over the place. But what I've learned from these WOW stories, especially Ashley's, is to keep on. Years ago she followed her heart and launched a photography business. That lead to a blog, where she shares her love of design, photography, and crafting. It is hugely popular and God used all that, in his own timing, to blow the boxes off of her dreams and help two children find families.



  1. Thanks so much for referencing my blog in your blog! My latest post is a little long, but then again ALL of my posts are long. I feel your pain cuz, as you know my path is all over the place too. I know that you are meant to do something amazing (not that you haven't already...but you know what I mean), and one day you're going to take that one, small, next step and find yourself in a huge, beautiful, well-lit field, and you're going to know exactly what you're supposed to do there! Here's to keepin the faith!


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