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My little boy who is soon to be taller than me got to celebrate his birthday a bit early this weekend. For some reason this year he is going to get to celebrate 4 weekends in a row plus the actual day. It's not even a monumental birthday like 16 or 21 or 50 (thankfully, on all counts).

The day started with soccer. It was a tough game. I can't take awesome game shots with my basic camera since I can't stand in the middle of the field, and my timing is usually a bit off. But here are a few.

 Birthday lunch - his choice
 More product placement
 This time we are ready for blizzards.
 Cupcakes from grandma.

After the cake, my mom and daughter disappeared. Grace took her grandma out to the deck for some art time.

And this? This is my daughter telling me to go inside, cause I was telling her something she didn't like. I see this face a lot.

This is one of Isaac's presents, Hagrid's Hut. I don't always get that excited about Legos, except ones Isaac invents, but I love this one because it has an outside AND an inside. We (I) ended the day parking cars and then watching OU--my parents in the stadium and us at the house hoping to hear the crowd noise that means good things are going to be on the screen after the 4 second broadcast delay. I would prefer that OU not start their games looking like they haven't practiced since the last game, thank you. All in all it was a great day though and we look forward to the next celebration with his friends on Sunday. Just wish I didn't "get" to give a small speech in the middle of Bro. Wade's sermon beforehand.

Tuesday Treat day was today. I looked at some recipes in my cookbooks but decided to try one off of the internet this time. We tried S'More Rice Krispie Squares. Isaac helped me make it Monday evening. We doubled the recipe since we had enough of everything and I planned to share it. My preacher told us to give something away this week, something precious, and I had to fight myself internally enough to share these that I am going to count it.

They were delicious and easy. Just make sure you mix up everything really well, or you will have a few spots of just crumbles. Those are tasty too but not as easy to share. Next time I really need to find something healthy to take. But since Tuesday is Isaac's birthday (the real one), and I am taking cookies to his class, the healthy is gonna have to wait.


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