Santa Fe- the last ones

Our last full day started with a hike. Well, really with pancakes and bacon, and then the hike. We drove up toward the Santa Fe Ski area and found the Aspen Vista area. We chose to hike the service road there rather than the more difficult trail, since we were hiking with a 3 year old. Other hikers told us the road went to the summit, but that there was also an overlook that was a good turnaround point. We were grateful to hear that because my sister and I got to start carrying Grace about midway.

Yes, this is not the best picture of me. We had another hiker take our picture and he took two. My eyes were closed in both. With no flash. And on a super cloudy day.So this is all I got.

This is heading back down. Thankfully Grace got the rest she needed. They both ran most of the way down, except in the steeper, rocky parts.

After lunch, Andrea stayed home and Shannon headed out with us to the Santa Fe Children's Museum.

Since it was our last day there, Isaac took me out on a short hike near our rent house so he could find a cactus. We found these and brought them home.

Our last dinner was at Harry's Roadhouse, which was about a half mile from where we stayed. The food was super tasty--and they had awesome homemade desserts. Isaac had chocolate pie, Shannon had coconut cream, and I had white chocolate banana cream pie. My sister stuck with cake.

We headed home the next morning. The trip was uneventful except for a few extra bathroom stops (again). We also discovered the huge Russell's Travel Stop at the New Mexico/Texas border. I was grateful to return to cooler weather. It made it much easier to be back in Norman.


  1. Grandma and grandpa Atkins like these pix and info about the trip!


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