Santa Fe Part 2

Saturday and Sunday were our two busier days of the trip. I will likely just put Saturday's pictures on here today. I did not read a whole book that day. Or Sunday. I started Why Jesus Crossed the Road, but it seemed a little repetitive. Maybe it got better as it went along, but I couldn't keep reading. The house we stayed in had tons of books, so I found a Toni Morrison book--Song of Solomon-- to reread. I only got half way through by the end of those two days. Less afternoon down time.

So what did we do? After an early breakfast we headed to the Railyard to go to the Farmer's Market. I love their market. The one in Norman is decent, but there is just so much more variety at the one in Santa Fe. Pretty much everything seems to be organically grown too, which is amazing. I did notice that the drought hit them too--much less fruit available this year.

This is one of the infamous Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties. Isaac thought they were quite tasty and now wants the Harry Potter cookbook for his birthday. Or maybe just wants me to buy it and make them for him.

The Railyard also has a play area (and a patch of sunflowers) so we headed there to wait a bit until lunch.

Lunch today was The Flying Star Cafe, which uses local sources as much as possible. I had another BLT. I needed the summer tomatoes, since they are almost gone. And the yummy bacon. Oh, here is my sister's album shot.
We dropped off our goodies at the house and headed out to El Rancho de Los Golondrinos for the Fiesta de Los Ninos. We had never been there before but I really liked it. It is a living history museum, dating back to the 1700s. The website will tell you more if you are interested. Lots of hands on learning for the kids, but not too overdone.

 Isaac also saw a lot of lizards this day. This is one outside our house.
That evening we headed back to watch the OU game--which we discovered meant watching the play by play animation on the computer. Not cool.

Coming up next: a Sunday morning hike and some time at the children's museum. And Harry's Roadhouse. If you are interested in the rent house, check out the listing HERE. They have a smaller one bedroom casita available in the same area too. We used it one night last year and liked it too. Just a little small for all of us.