Around town

It seems like our days have been full lately. Not crazy busy, just full. Last Thursday, Grace and I planned to go to the library. We ended up walking there and making it a morning excursion by adding a stop at the post office, the playground, and lunch. It went fairly well until she decided she wanted to push the stroller, allowing me to practice patience while she meandered all over the sidewalk. I decided I would have been much more patient if we had just planned to go on a walk. By having a destination in mind, I was just ready to get there.
 I did see these pretty shutters along the way.
After the library we walked back toward the playground at our church. Her friends from preschool were just coming outside to play, so we stayed for a bit. When they headed back in, we headed toward Which Wich.

On Saturday, Isaac began a soccer tournament. Four games in two days, and these were tough games. The team played hard and won all the games, including the final match. It ended with a penalty kick during sudden death overtime. I didn't get many pictures that game, only the coin toss.

We also found a gecko on Saturday evening walking back from Campus Corner. Apparently my husband gained gecko-catching skills as a young boy in Saudi Arabia. Who knew. We looked it up in Isaac's field guide. It is a Turkish House Gecko, and eats insects typically found in our house. But of course it is not roaming free in our house, so we'll have to feed it. And why, you may ask, is this Turkish House Gecko roaming near us? The book answers that too. It says they were introduced to the OU campus (where we found it) in the 1960s. I remember seeing a bunch of them (dead) in a door closer being repaired at my office there. 

Visited a local pumpkin patch today, twice. We went after school but as we pulled up, I remembered I had no camera and my phone battery was almost dead. The kids each picked out a pumpkin and then I warned them that we were coming back later. Later turned out to be an hour later as I noticed the clouds from the cold front moving in. Those actually gave me way better lighting than I would've had the first trip anyway. Isaac brought money for another pumpkin, and Grace brought dolls.


Isaac on his search for the perfect pumpkin.
 A little too big
 Still looking.
 As for me, I start taking pictures of pumpkins. Looked like I was going to have plenty of time.

Grace made good use of the wagons there, pulling around her babies. I think we really could have been there for hours.
 Yes, still looking.

A picture of a box of gourds. I think this would make an awesome jigsaw puzzle.

He settled on his pumpkin and almost lost it trying to move it to the car in the wheelbarrow. It wasn't that big but a wheelbarrow is way more fun than carrying it. He plans to carve his tomorrow. Grace is going to paint hers. I'll take pictures.