He's 9!

My oldest is 9 today. Because of a crazy weekend full of soccer games and football games, we had the party for his friends on Sunday. It would have been rushed and much more stressful to try to squeeze it in on Saturday.
It was a beautiful day for the party. They played a little bit of football and soccer and then came in for a snack break.

While they ate the snacks, they watched the Lego Stars: Padawan Menace. Then they were ready to go back outside to play more soccer. At the next break,  they came in for the cake--a Han Solo in Carbonite Mini-figure Cake. If I was going to do it over, I would make some changes, like making it a darker gray and adding a fondant edge around the sides. At least the cake inside was super yummy.

I think at this point there was some present opening and then they all went to the backyard for more craziness. I took a short break to tend to Grace, and then headed out. Then came back in as they decided to play with Legos. At the 15 minute warning, they decided to go back out to the front lot and play soccer.

Today is his actual birthday. I am not making him stay up to the actual time he was born (almost midnight). We all need our beauty sleep, and it has been a long day. He started the day with more presents and then headed off to school. I brought him cookies at the end of the day--his class even turned out the lights and hid under desks to surprise him when he walked into the room. It was pretty funny.

I thought at the time it would be a fun thing to take him to one of the new cupcake places in town, Gigi's, to celebrate the birthday and Tuesday Treat day. Probably should have just given him another cookie and took him to Hastings like he asked. I'm still learning.

 We had an hour and then headed out to a soccer scrimmage. For dinner he chose NY Pizza and Pasta on Campus Corner. They even had soccer on one of the TVs for him to watch.

All in all, it was a special day to celebrate my boy. And now I must go rest.