Keeping focused

I found this on this website yesterday. It was a perfect reminder of where to keep my focus--as well as a reminder of how easy it is to shift my focus to things that seem good but are not where God wants us to be. It is all too easy to start looking around, comparing myself to others and getting discouraged, especially with a little perfectionist streak in my blood that I don't have the energy to feed. It is SO much better to look to trust in God's way than mine.

Before it gets away from my brain, we tried these pumpkin chocolate chip granola bars from Two Peas and Their Pod for Tuesday Treat day. They have had tons of pumpkin recipes lately, and this one seemed a bit healthier than some of my recent choices for treat day. Grace helped me mix them up. If I make them again, I will let them cook a bit longer than I did this time, so they will crisp up a bit. We used normal sized chocolate chips but I think mini ones would be great too. Everyone liked them!