We discovered a bunch of these on the tomato plants that survived the drought.
That's my husband's thumb. Most of these caterpillars are huge. My children pounced on them and we now have three living in our house in a butterfly cage. They will turn into a sphinx moth, if we can feed them enough. They are in the "very hungry caterpiller" stage, so I'm glad we pulled them off of the plants. Some are still out there though, so my hopes of late tomatoes may be just as smushed as my hopes of summer tomatoes.

My friend saw my (and others) idea for a craft party and did one. So I didn't have to HAVE one, I just went to one. I made this burlap wreath.
I had the flower template from a Mollie Makes magazine, and attached them with alligator clips so I could change them out, or use them elsewhere.

My parents hosted a man from Japan for the Shawnee Sister Cities program. He came over this weekend with them and went to the OU game with my dad. They only stayed for the first half so he didn't get to see anything worthwhile, except maybe that run by Finch at the beginning. And the band. He did bring this fun bunch of sweets, which were all tasty.
 He also brought gifts for my children, including a new challenge for Isaac: Nanoblocks. Unlike Legos, he is STILL working on this project two days later.

While I watched the last half of the OU game, I laid out the quilt I am making for Grace. Not totally sure if this is how it will end up, but it's probably close.
I do like living next to the stadium, and the tv delay. I decided to go brush my teeth upstairs late in the game, and heard the crowd roar. I made it down the stairs in time to see the last touchdown.

Tomato sphinx caterpillers eat a lot of leaves.

One of my friends had to move and gave us her chinchilla. He is very cute. The cage is huge, but he is well behaved and has more personality than some of our other pets, like those anoles. They were a little dull to watch. The turtle is ok, but he is hibernating now. I think. Even our cat likes to watch this one. His name is Chico.

I have read a few books recently. I have noticed that some I read like it is a required but not enjoyed textbook. Those sit for a while. Others get read in a day or two, and help me remember why I like reading.

This last one is for the stairs that I need to figure out how to build out back. Not these crazy stairs on the cover, just normal, non-ladder-like stairs.

I am also hoping for a major house project to be completed this week if the weather is favorable, miracles and healing and God-sized blessings for several friends, and two more Kid's Hope mentors.  And maybe for those caterpillars to go ahead and start making those cocoons before I run out of tomato plants to feed them.