Since the OU game is not worth watching right now, it's time to post the pumpkin pictures. The day after we bought them, both of the kids decided it was time to start. Grace was going to paint, and Isaac wanted to carve. She got started right away.

Isaac got to dig out the guts first. It was a little cool this day, so soon his hands were freezing.

 At this point I realized I forgot to get out the painting apron.

Isaac chose a Captain Rex template to carve into his pumpkin. I only know it is Captain Rex because every young person that has been to my house since this project began told me that. I don't know Star Wars Clone Wars people. Yoda yes, Captain Rex no.

 He ended the day with this, a hole-punched pumpkin. The saw blade broke immediately.

So the next day, I brought home a power pumpkin carving saw. We quickly learned that it worked better without power but it did saw well enough.
 Isaac couldn't stand working in the lines and moved on to the other pumpkin to do his own design.

I worked on the first pumpkin for a bit. This is me in the coat. I had not adjusted well to cooler weather. I worked for a while and then had to stop for dinner.

The next day my cousin and her kids stopped by. They jumped right on the project, but it still took one more day.

Grace's pumpkins (she made the green one at school)

Isaac's pumpkins. Sorry I didn't turn either one of them so you can see them well.
Maybe tomorrow we'll put a candle in them. After we pick up a chinchilla.