Merry Christmas!

A merry Christmas to all. I will post some pictures from the weekend later in the week but thought I would redirect you today to a Christmas post from last year. This is the post from my Orthodox Christmas Sunday in Bethlehem, including videos from the service. I see the pictures are a little tiny. Click on them if you want to see them better. Sorry. I wish had been able to record the bells ringing as we walked to the church. I was reminded of that last night as I watched The Sound of Music. It's a lot different than hearing bells ringing all manner of OU songs every hour.

I was also reminded this week that despite its amazingness, Bethlehem is now walled off from Israel, as it is in the West Bank. Regardless of your political feelings about the situation in Israel and Palestine, giant concrete walls may keep the bad guys out but they are also barriers to the good guys, blocking them from all that is available in the rest of the country--such as healthcare and more jobs. May they continue to work for peace in that holy land.