My January Quilt

At the beginning of January, I began pulling together all that I needed for my son's quilt. I had shown him some quilt styles, ones that I liked and felt I could do, and he really liked the disappearing nine patch quilts on Cluck Cluck Sew. I love her quilts. I ordered a fabric he liked and started pulling together others to go with it. I even emailed Allison (of Cluck Cluck Sew) to see how many fabrics I would need for one of these quilts in a twin size. I was making my eyes cross trying to count them on the various quilts. She emailed back that same night and even gave me some great tips about how many squares I would need, etc. I decided to order a couple more online and cut what I had.

And then, the very day that I took this picture of some of his fabric, I realized I had no ideas for my sister's birthday that weekend. A short email later and I switched my plans. I was going to make HER a quilt. She liked the disappearing nine patch too, and the color ideas I had for hers, so I spent Thursday night at Hobby Lobby and my Friday lunch at Joann's. For her birthday party on Saturday, she got nothing but a swatch mini-quilt preview card. If I hadn't received my Mollie Makes magazine that day to inspire me, I'm not sure I would've even gotten her that.

But as a surprise to me, one week later the quilt is done! I had been wondering if it was possible for me to make a quilt a month (I couldn't remember how long I spent on the one for Grace) and now I know that I can do it. If I want.

I am learning with each one, so hopefully Isaac's will be even better. I know the walking foot I ordered to do the machine quilting will help. Besides Allison's help, the Sew To Swap book by Chrissie Grace (a Christmas gift) also helped fill in some of the missing details, like how to cut all this fabric. As an added bonus, because I postponed his quilt, I found a couple more just-released fabrics to add from the Michael Miller Backyard Baby collection. Those of you who know Isaac will agree how perfect it is for him, especially this Bug Jars one. Hopefully the colors work with what I have already.

So for February, an Isaac quilt. Past that I know I already have enough for a couple more smaller quilt tops. Or I may mix a pillow in there to give myself a break, like this tree pillow with the leftovers from my sister's quilt. I'm also thinking of making one this summer inspired by my trip overseas. Of course if that trip is anything like my trip to Israel and Jordan, I'll probably have one (or two) quilts riding home in my luggage.