this week (the part in pictures)

We've had a fun week, at least most of the time. But before I post the pictures I thought I should explain my last post a little more. My mental whining was not because I need a new car. It needs a new starter, yes, but it has new brakes, new tires, and even new struts. It drives well. No, my mental whining was the same whining I hear from my children. Like yesterday. Grace put on her brother's flipflops to wear to gymnastics. On the way home I mentioned that we would all go get new pairs in a month or so, when it gets warm again, and that Old Navy had lots of colors. She wanted to go RIGHT THEN. Never mind that is was 35 degrees (and dropping). And that if they got them now, they probably wouldn't even fit by summer. And I would get to argue with Grace every day about wearing them. It was the same with my car whining. Sometimes it is just better to wait for the right time.

Now, on to the good stuff.
Monday night was a PTA meeting. No pictures of that. We talked about the upcoming carnival. I am in charge of the Bake Sale so I've started thinking and planning that set-up. There are a few ideas online, most of which are how to run one. But I did find this cool picture:
from here
Not really practical for this bake sale, since everything will be randomly donated, but still super cute.
I also went to work and did lots of stuff. Even trained a new mentor!

Tuesday was Isaac's third grade program called Mighty Kids. It was funnier than I expected and all of the kids did a great job. It was in the gym, so the pictures aren't that great. The first one is ok, but of course Isaac is not in it.

That's Isaac on the back row, toward the right.

On Thursday, Grace and I met my parents in Purcell to check out the antique stores there.

 I found this old bread box and brought it home to store my fabric stash.

 I also found a book for Grace as well as this cute basket which now holds her little plastic tea sets.
Grandma also helped her find a bird. It was white when we brought it home. She wanted to make it a little more beautiful.
We finished the trip with sandwiches at Janet's Eats and Sweets and then cupcakes at Cara's. Before heading home to get Isaac from school, we had a little time to go visit my grandpa at the nursing home.

We finished the week by sending the kids to stay with one set of grandparents so we could enjoy a valentines weekend. I finally watched Super 8, and got to eat a yummy lunch at Misal.

I've also spent some time working on Isaac's quilt but will show pictures of that later. I have about 5 more rows to sew on and then the top will be done. Twin sized quilts take longer than those I've made so far, but it is a great thing to work on this cold weekend. As long as we don't get an ice storm and lose power.