March 2. That was my last post. While I don't feel compelled to post daily (and definitely don't get paid to do so), I really should post a bit more than that. The week after that was a crazy one though, and it is only until the end of this week that I got back into the flow. Meetings with personnel committees, several church committee meetings, a school carnival and bake sale, starting the garden, soccer games and birthday celebrations, plus a surprise chance to take care of the girl I mentor and her brother after school one day (an hour before I needed to set up for the bake sale  . . . and after mentoring her along with her brother and both of my kids)--well, I'm glad that week has passed. This week I worked a little, but also was able to read some, start planning ideas for the kids for this summer, and work on my March quilt a bit. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it much. Not so sure about my fabric choices.

I did find out that I get to be the interim community minister, or some such title like that. It will be part time, and is a perfect fit for where I am, and my family is, right now. I get to start that the last week of March, although I'm already filling in some for that now (even less part-time). It will last until they hire a new community minister.

Last weekend while the grandparents were visiting, we took advantage of a free day at the local "dinosaur museum," Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

This is how Grace poses:

And this is how Isaac poses:

A reptile guy was there, which both of my kids loved.

 Isaac posing again, this time with some of his grandpa's birthday cake. He hadn't even eaten any yet!

And this is the kids this morning, as they headed out for a few days with grandpa and grandma.

That's enough for now. Going back to watch the movie. And yes, Isaac is not even home and we are watching a Harry Potter movie.