March Quilt (almost)

I realized a few days ago that this was the last week of March and the March quilt was nowhere near done. Close, but I still needed to put in 3 or 4 hours just to get the top done. I finished it up tonight. I call it "Bloom."

I still need to layer it up and quilt it, but I have all the fabric for that and should be able to do that over the next week. Well, maybe the next two weeks.

Toward the end of spring break I made a list of all the things I had been doing that week, and looking back over that list, I see only a little bit about the quilt. No wonder I haven't finished it yet. I did hope to post about that on Monday, as a gratitude list with pictures, but I think I spent that evening making a list for a Wednesday meeting instead. I will spare you the complete list but here are some highlights:
--the kids got to spend a little bit of time with both sets of grandparents (sorry, I like this picture)

--ran a mile
--finished about half of the quilt squares
--read Unstuff your Life, Caddie Woodlawn, What Difference Do It Make, Dreams of Trespass, and parts of Tolstoy and the Purple Chair
--"unstuffed" my kitchen
--fed the ducks at the Duck Pond

--took the kids to Bug Day at the library

--made monster cookies with Grace (did not have worms in them)
--went for a family walk. These usually involve a tour of all the local fountains. Not all of them were on yet.

And since it may be two weeks before I take time to post more pictures (especially if I work on the quilt), here are a few more recent ones:
 Mom's Easter Tea

Isaac with his teacher and classmate buddies