Yesterday was an exciting day. First of all, I knew it was going to be a warm one, and was so grateful. I am ready for spring.

Then, as I looked on the internet yesterday, two more. I had been thinking for a few weeks about my March quilt and had picked out the fabric, most of which I already had. I knew I wanted to try some triangles, and maybe a lot of white, but hadn't really found a pattern. I picked up a new quilt book with some birthday money and found some possibilities, when I looked at Cluck Cluck Sew yesterday I found it. And she even included a tutorial! Now I just need to get started. Mine will have reds and yellows instead of the pink.

I also found out I got picked for the May Craft Weekend. I was yelling so much when I saw that email, Grace probably thought I had gone crazy. I was able to invite a friend, so my sister will be going with me. I think we will need to send in a special request for her on fabric choices though cause these are not her:
from Meg

I also got to talk to my pastor about a possible short-term, part-time job at the church. I'll share a bit more about that once I know for sure. This wasn't a surprise, but the day was. I got to do a fast resume revision Wednesday night. Luckily I had already started on it a month ago, adding in my life since 2005. That really hurt my brain, so I waited to finish it until I was going to need it.

And the final surprise, loads of white irises for free to help fill in all the empty spots in my yard. On Saturday I had started looking at the areas to tackle this spring. Some of the areas are quite tricky, because they will be shady (most of the summer at least) but still need to be drought tolerant. Or shady most of the time and then full sun in the middle of the summer, when the sun clears the trees. My dad called Wednesday to offer some, and brought them yesterday, loads of them. The irises are so easy, they can go anywhere! Looks like I get to spend a lot more time outdoors this weekend. I just hope I can find where I left the shovel.