3 Day Weekend

I wish all of our weekends could be 3 day weekends. It seems like we have more time to enjoy the weekend when there are three days. But of course, if they were all 3 days, all these activities that get jammed into the two days, like soccer and church meetings (not the worship service--the meetings), would spread ooze over into the 3rd day.

 Our three day weekend prep began Thursday evening. Grace and I did a bit of cleaning inside. She wanted it to be "as clean as a whistle." She said that over and over while cleaning up her corner of the living room. She washed down her chalkboard, picked up all her books and papers and markers, and even tried to wash the chalk until I convinced her that it was ok to live it alone. Here she is doing a bit of vacuuming.

Shannon and Isaac were out back doing some mowing. Isaac was very excited to get to do this chore and I will be glad to let him do it all the time!

On Friday, we went to Grace's gymnastics class and then headed to the Festival of the Arts with Shannon's parents. He stayed at work. Somebody's got to.

 Isaac and I went in the Crystal Bridge. He loves it in there. He would even pose for a few pictures for me.
We ended up at the children's park area so the kids could play a bit. Isaac did a great job playing and taking care of his little sister.

After dinner (Pioneer Woman's saucy meatballs, broccoli, mac and cheese, and homemade brownies), the kids decided to try out their art skills on the Ikea box.

He was making some sort of paint and dirt sludge. I think they used up most of the paint. But at least it covered up some of the bare wood on the porch. Maybe I should send them out there this summer to paint the whole floor.
Today was day one of a soccer tournament. Isaac's team won in a very tough game, so they get to play in the semi-finals tomorrow. It was one of Isaac's best games.

And since they won, his Grandpa Jim got to treat Isaac to a steak.
Donuts with breakfast and steak for lunch. Sounds like a perfect food day for Isaac (I enjoyed it too!).