another weekend

This weekend was a full one--really, the whole week was as we prepared for To Norman with Love. This is an ecumenical day of service that began at our church but is slowly growing to include other churches throughout our community. Both of my kids are now old enough to participate, so it made it so much easier. 

Our project was at Mary Abbott Children's House again. They do amazing work for abused children. Our Sunday School class helped them by sprucing up the landscape--pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, and ridding the area of caterpillars and rolie polies.

We finished up in time for lunch. After we ate, Grace and I headed to Yukon for a going-away party for my friend Ana. I met her when I worked at the Physical Plant--she was one of my student employees. I believe she came to Oklahoma as a foriegn exchange student in highschool, to Ada of all places. Now, she, her daughter, and mom are headed back to Serbia. My April quilt was for them. Hopefully it will be perfect for snuggling with her sweet little girl.

It was a beautiful house in a quite peaceful setting, and I enjoyed relaxing a bit in the gorgeous sunshiney Oklahoma countryside. Well, except while Grace was sitting right on the edge of the pool. I wasn't that relaxed then.

We headed back to Norman in time to catch Isaac's soccer game.

On Sunday, Grace decided it was time to wear her Easter dress, and let me take a few pictures for her grandmas.

Past that was church and then a multitude of meetings that needed to be done but kind of wiped me out. Just in time for Monday. Looking forward to the Festival of the Arts on Friday, though!