Easter weekend

I have pictures of kids hunting easter eggs. I also participated in a Seder service and we all went to church today to celebrate Easter for real--but I don't usually take pictures at church. The Seder passover service was new to me but was quite fun. And it would take me too long to think of words to say. It's bedtime, so you get to see the kids.

After lunch we headed out to Isaac's soccer game, which was a misty drizzly game so I didn't bother with the pictures. We stayed in that evening and I finished quilting the quilt. And then this afternoon--I finished it! It's one of my favorites.

The top two pictures were taken before I washed it. I was a little worried about the reds next to the whites--which I realized might be a problem as I was sewing the blocks together. So I bought a package of those color catcher sheets and put three in the wash with it. It looked fine afterwards--I'm glad somebody invented those sheets! I may hang the quilt in my office, since there is a bare space and the room could definitely use some color.

Since I'm cutting myself a little short on time for the April quilt (since that was the March one), I've been thinking of my options. I have a quilt top that I sewed together in February but didn't finish, so I will likely finish it now. It will be one to give away or sell. I still can't tell if I'm going to like it. It's kind of western, featuring the Michael Miller Lil Cowgirl fabric I had bought at least five years ago. I like the fabric, just no sure on the mix. Then I will move on to my May project. I plan to make a quilt for the girl I mentor, who is moving away after school is out. It HAS to be done in May, so I'm going to give myself a head start and will probably also stick to squares. I have most of the fabric, but may add a few more just to be able to make the patchwork look more random.

I'm off to bed. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!