Quick list of thanks

Got a new dishwasher installed today. It sure looks great. Hopefully it will even wash dishes! Decided to go ahead and get the new one when the top rack in the old one kept trying to fall out. Not cool, especially when loaded with glasses.

Look! This is my name--on a nametag for Meg's next Craft Weekend. Really. My sister's in there too!

Also got to babysit Finn for about 5 minutes today while his dad scrambled to make him a bottle. I took a picture but didn't get a photo release so you'll have to settle for his mom's pics on her blog.

Chico the wonder chinchilla had two "jail" breaks within the past 24 hours--once while no one was at home--but I caught him both times. Gotta work on that broken cage wire again. And Isaac needs to clean it out and once he does that tonight, I'll have another thanks.

Now I need to go make some chicken burritos. I was stalling a bit to let the mopped floor dry, but I think everyone is going to revolt on me soon.


  1. Hi Angela! I'm Cathy (my name tag's up there , too!) and I can't wait to meet you and all the other women this weekend at Meg's!!!


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