As I sat down at work this morning and started pulling items out of the bag I brought in, I was struck by the randomness (of it all. I pulled out a copy of the Messianic Passover Haggadah and a script for the Seder Meal we are serving on Thursday night. I don't really even now what these things are. I have an empty gift bag in it, one that should've been pulled out yesterday at home and is the perfect size for the birthday gift we have for my daughter's friend. I also brought a new book to work--Compassion, Justice, and the Christian Life by Robert Lupton--to have something to read at lunch. I pulled out a copy of my church's community ministry worker guidelines that I took home to read last night. I also had a few random papers from Grace's school, including a lady bug with her picture on it. My e-ticket for my trip in June (definitely needs to be put elsewhere). The new Life magazine special edition "Holy Lands" that I found at Walmart yesterday. A lightbulb from Grace's room (they are all burned out--oops). My little Bible and the John book for the 17:18 Series. A Native Roots spring flyer that I picked up on Monday. At least the asparagus I also got there wasn't still in the bag.