a bit more craziness than I wanted

This past week was, well, crazy. It was the last week of school for both children, so along with that came some parties, special clothing days for Grace (which she tended to ignore), and teacher gift time for both.

The soccer tournament was rained out on Sunday so Isaac played in the make-up semifinal game on Thursday night. They won! Yeah. But--a motorcycle dented up my car on the way. No one was hurt, thankfully. He did take my advice to go ahead and wear his helmet as he left (he didn't have it on). So for now we can't open either door on the passenger side. And the parts of the mirror are riding in the trunk instead of dangling there. Hopefully I will hear back from the insurance company soon.
And we weren't late to the game because we didn't have the right time. I had about an hour to start breathing enough to cheer for Isaac and his team. It really was one of their best games.

Friday we drove back for the final. In the other car. They did not play as well AND played a very tough team, so they ended up with second. Second gets a medal! Aren't they cuties?

I spent most of the day prior to the soccer game at my daughter's end of school picnic. I realized at about 10, when she started digging in our food bag, I am not a very good picnic packer. She would've cleaned us out before lunch if she hadn't gotten distracted by friends on swings.

After I had had enough of that party, we stopped by the 3rd grade picnic. And then left pretty quick.

Not too long after that, as we were home enjoying air conditioning and a bit of a break, I got a call. I learned that I need to refocus and redo my presentation for next week. That it needed to be about 45 minutes long, but include some small group discussion within that. That it was of high interest for the officials in the area. But no pressure. I've been working on it since then (except during the soccer game), and I think I am almost done. That is why this post is getting finished at almost 11:30. I hope to finish up tomorrow so I can focus on packing (for myself and my kids) and enjoy the holiday time. And maybe, just maybe, get a bit more work done on the June quilt before I leave.

We did take a break this evening and go play some mini golf. This was Grace's first time to play. I'll post those pictures soon, and maybe even a video.